Friday, May 12th, 2017


Ebola is Back – WHO


The World Health Organization said Friday, after the virus caused three deaths in the area since April 22. The WHO said the outbreak affects an equatorial forest region in Bas-Uele province, bordering Central African Republic. The last Ebola outbreak in Congo in 2014 was quickly contained and killed 49 people according to official figures. In a television address, Health Minister Oly Ilunga confirmed the outbreak while urging the population “not to panic”. The country “has taken all necessary measures to respond quickly and efficiently to this new outbreak”, he said. ViewsRead More

Cop battling for life


Police officer is in hospital battling for life after he was attacked and shot by gunmen in the Hanna Town area on Thursday morning. The policeman, a constable, was shot in his neck and other parts of his body. Views (203)

Alkaline is to showcase line-up at Caribbean Fashion Week


Deejay is expected to make his fashion debut next month at this year’s staging of Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW). We have had dancehall acts perform before, but no one showing a collection, or quite as hardcore as Alkaline,” he explained. “We’re always looking to be fresh and innovative and so we have been toying with an urban CFW night for some time. Showing Alkaline’s collection is the perfect opportunity to do all three.” Cooper Views (36)

Russian Fighter Jet Comes Within 20 Feet of U.S. Navy Plane


The Su-27 approached the P-8A Poseidon while it was “conducting routine operations in international airspace” on Tuesday, according to Capt. Pamela Kunze, a spokeswoman for U.S. Naval Forces Europe. She added that the interaction “was considered safe and professional” by the P-8A’s mission commander. In a statement issued Friday, Russia’s Ministry of Defense said a Su-30 jet had “executed a ‘greeting’ maneuver” toward the American pilots. Views (92)

Death toll rises in Venezuela protests


A 20-year-old Venezuelan protester has died after being shot in the head, authorities said, taking the death toll from a month of anti-government unrest to at least 37. Another 717 people have been injured and 152 are still in jail from the hundreds rounded up in widespread unrest across the country, according to the office’s latest tally. “Students destroyed this statue of Chávez. They accuse him, correctly, of destroying their future,” the opposition lawmaker Carlos Valero said about the incident, which was also reported in local media. Views (30)

Trump threatens ex-FBI head


Trump tweeted: “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” White House spokesmen did not immediately respond to requests for comment as to whether the president possesses recordings of his dinner with Comey or any conversations with him. Comey, who was overseeing an investigation into alleged links between Trump aides and Russia during the 2016 election, was fired on Tuesday in a surprise announcement. Views (38)

Man convicted over $J 1,000


Jason Brown reportedly ended the life of Denver Hibbert at the latter’s then home by pumping five bullets into Hibbert’s body. Brown allegedly asked Hibbert for “a gran”, meaning $1,000, to which Hibbert, an acquaintance of his, replied that he did not have any money in his possession at the time. Brown was found guilty by a jury in the Home Circuit Court. Views (57)