Fire Links Gambles With Hometown Artist Blakkman To Win Boom Allstar Clash [video]

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The Boom clash was  one of the most highly  anticipated events in Jamaica this year. Patrons both local and abroad stayed up to take in the showdown between two of dancehall’s greatest selectors Tony Matterhorn and Fire Links.

The coin toss was won by Fire Links who elected that Matterhorn played first. Matterhorn came out very energetic. The confident selector told the crowd “Mi know exactly what Fire Links a come out come do, suh mi just juggling some songs and the mi murder him inna di second round.

Fire links took to the stage and started a very strong set. At about midway through his round he stopped the music and turned to the judges and said.

Judges, mi win the first round already. Hear wah, unuh nuh badda judge wah mi duh aready, start judge from now. Watch how mi bad, halfway through mi round mi a tell unuh fi rub out weh mi do already and start judge mi from yah suh. Watch how confident mi is inna dah song yah.

The Hot Monday selector drew for his Seaview Gardens neighbor and demolished Tony Matterhorn. The dusty wine singer was unable to recover. Fire Links won all five rounds.

Blakkman has been making headlines this past week due to a social media rant by former manager Mr G, who claimed that Blakkman was ungrateful, and he was being threatened by Dexta Daps’ friends. A source close to both entertainers told Outa Jamaica that no threats was sent to Mr G. The feud started because Mr G took some dishonest monetary dealings by Mr G and Blakkman lost confidence in him as a manager.

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