Grange says arrests at reggae event could send wrong message


Culture Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange has indicated that an incident Sunday night at the popular entertainment spot, Dub Club, in Skyline Drive, St Andrew, that led to the arrest and charge of roots reggae events promoter Gabre Selassie and a selector, for breaches of the Noise Abatement Act in St Andrew on the same day revellers participated in massive carnival activities in the Corporate Area, could send the wrong signal that there are two Jamaicas.

The men are to appear before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on May 15.

“I want to quickly express my concern and regret that an incident like this should have happened on a day when carnival, a quite different cultural event, was taking place. It is really unfortunate that something like this happened at the same time as carnival, as it sends the wrong message that there are two Jamaicas,” Grange said yesterday in a press release.

Describing Selassie as an icon who has dedicated and promoted roots reggae music for years, Grange said he “deserves recognition for his consistent support of our indigenous Jamaican culture. His work has grown out of a desire to promote our culture and he should be praised for that.”

The police yesterday reported that Selassie, who was born Karlyle Lee, 47, of Skyline Drive, Kingston 6, and 25-year-old Rahay Mooyan, of Royal Flat district in Manchester, were arrested and charged on Sunday for breaching the noise abatement law.

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