Porsche Makes Its Mark


ATL Automotive Group decided to cordon off Barbados Avenue, New Kingston and transform it into a European-style  to host the grand opening of its Porsche showroom. While the night was calm and eventful with live entertainment and an open bar, the main attraction was the different Porsche models on display.


Rather than expand their state-of-the-art showroom at Oxford Road which houses VW and Audi, ATL Automotive Group chose a new location for Porsche. “We chose Knutsford Boulevard to make a statement. I’ve said previously I consider Knutsford Boulevard to be Jamaica’s ‘5th Avenue’; high footfall, huge volume of passing traffic and right in the middle of Kingston’s financial district,” stated an excited Adam Stewart, CEO, ATL Automotive Group.

Porsche has now become a household name among supercars. However all this luxury and speed come at a cost which puts it in the premium-automotive bracket. Although, to be fair the entry level 2016 Macan, which is a compact SUV, starts at a competitive $14.4 million.

“Since our soft launch last December, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Driven by curiosity at first, many persons assumed that owning a Porsche was out of reach, which is a huge compliment to the power and status of the brand itself, but side by side with other luxury vehicles currently available in the market, people have been pleasantly surprised by how realistic owning a Porsche actually is,” Stewart said.

Additionally, there are options for those who are looking for an ultra premium experience such as the luxury sedan, Panamera S which is priced at $33.7 million.

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