Gully Bop’s Career Over… First Performance In The United States A Flop [Video]

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When people hear the name Gully Bop, the first thing that comes to mind is how a man that was desolate came to fame with the help of the Jamaican people. This does not happen very often, we saw it with Tessanne Chin. Jamaicans are a proud people, and  we rally around the people that represents us well… that is what we expected when we pushed Gully Bop to the top. We expected Gully Bop to appreciate the opportunity that was given to him and seize the moment, become a living testimony  that life isn’t over until you’re dead. Contrary to our expectations Gully Bop became an inspiration gone bad, an opportunity wasted.

Friday night was the first stop on the Gully Bop Rags to Riches Tour. He was booked for a venue with the capacity of 1200 people. Gully Bop managed to  bring out only 300 people. One source close to promoter said that the promotion team was very disappointed with the turnout.

A lack of management is what caused the low turn-out, Gully Bop has no one around him to groom him, to tell him what to say, and what he should not say. His fan base doesn’t want to see the negativity around Gully Bop. He is a man that came from the Gully, he should be appreciative of the situation,  stay humble and stop disrespecting people. Getting involved in things that doesn’t concern him, and acting as if he’s better than other people isn’t the way to go. The whole Tony Matterhorn situation was a backlash.

He continued to say;

The aura at the venue was terrible. Heavy D seems like he is just there and means well, but have no control over Gully Bop.  I’m still not sure why Nuffy was there, he seems like just a waste of ticket and hotel room. I feel sorry for everyone else that booked him because he definitely isn’t worth what they are charging. The average cost for Gully Bop is between $8000 and $10,000. A promoter investing in him has to pay for the artist, pay for at least 3 airplane tickets, at least 3 hotel rooms, pay for a venue, then promotion cost. If the artist can only bring out 300 people the promoter cannot make his money back.

For the past few weeks Gully Bop and MC Nuffy has been bashing popular Dancehall DJ Tony Matterhorn on social media. In a video posted to Facebook Nuffy & Gully Bop accused Matterhorn of being gay. During his performance last night Gully Bop attempted to take jabs at Tony Matterhorn but the audience would not have it. The audience seemed a little reluctant all night. At the beginning of the show MC Nuffy practically begged the audience to move to the front of the venue. A patron at the event had this to say;

Mi did expect more people fi deh yah. A him first official show inna di US mi did expect fi si a repeat of what happen in England. Di promotion did tun up…mi nuh know wah happen.

Many artists such as Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Capelton, Queen Ifrica, and Buju Banton has seen the effect of publicly voicing their opinions about gays in America. It’s safe to say that is the reason why our beloved Buju is behind bars right now, and Sizzla and Bounty Killer cannot get a visa to perform in the United States. Do you believe Gully Bop should’ve taken that path?

Take a look at a part of the performance below.


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