Jamaican Woman Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine Into Florida



A Jamaican woman was arrested  at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport today for smuggling more than two pounds of cocaine in her brassier.


The US Customs Border Protection agency says the officers at the airport notice abnormalities and proceeded to conduct a search. When the suspected was searched, a white powder like substance was found in the under garment of the woman which was later tested positive as cocaine.

The substance was seized and sent to the US  Immigration and Customs Enforcement Unit while conducting furthger investigations.  “This is another example  of our officers’ expertise in preventing harmful drugs from entering the United States” said the airport port director, Jorge Roig. He goes further to praise the officers at the airport by stating that  the officers demonstrate vigilance, integrity and professionalism on a daily basis so good work is always expected.  The woman is yet to be identified.

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