Khajeel Mais’s Mother Being Called An Opportunist After Joining The PNP In Local Government Elections


The sister of slain Kingston College student, Khajeel Mais, has defended her mother against critics who have slammed the senior Mais for running in the November 28 Local Government Elections on a People’s National Party (PNP) ticket.

Allana Mais is to contest the Norbrook Division. She was presented by PNP President, Portia Simpson Miller, at a party function at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston on Sunday.

But some people have blasted the move by Allana Mais as opportunistic and have accused her of trying to take advantage of her son’s death, which attracted widespread sympathy especially after the man accused of murdering Khajeel Mais was acquitted in the so-called X6 Murder Case.

Allana’s daughter, Kimberly Mais, has however described those “throwing shade” at her mother as uninformed. Kimberly described her mother as a “humanitarian” who has been involved in politics “long before the trial and outcome”.

See Kimberly’s full response below.

Firstly, majority of persons throwing shade don’t even have their facts straight. I won’t back and forth with anyone, because everyone is entitled to their opinion. My brother was killed July 2011, under Bruce Goldings leadership which he then handed down to Andrew holness. It was not until December 2011 that pnp took over. However it didn’t take that long for Portia to reach out to us and send a bouquet with a card. Now I’m not a political person, and that didn’t move me at the time because then, I was ANGRY.  My mom did not choose politics in my opinion…. it chose her, long before the trial and outcome. My mom, like Khaj is someone always looking out for people old and young, choosing humanity over self. My mom has been providing lunch money to kids in Casava Peace “adopting” one and two kids even when Khaj was alive. She is a humanitarian, a strong woman, I can only wish to become half the woman she is. Many of you bashing her. Let me ask you a question. After losing your biological child, would you still mother a community of children as if they were yours? Would you still reach out and help the elderly, would you bury your depression by bombarding yourself with clean up projects? My mom has my full support…100% . She has been through it. And is able to be the voice of every mother who lost a child. Help do her part in changing corruption. No she alone can’t do it, but the change has already began with her.. through her son and if he was here he’d support her too.

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