Police Say Data Entry Error Caused Patrick Powell Gun File Mix Up


The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has said that reports that two licenses were issued for the same firearm to Patrick Powell and Inspector Patricia Powell, was due to a data entry error.

“The JCF is now satisfied, based on thorough investigations, that a data entry error, due to similar names, was responsible for this development,” a JCF spokesperson said in a statement today.

The police say Inspector Powell-Wallace was granted a license for the pistol in the Manchester Division in 2004, and has been the sole person licensed to carry that weapon.

“There are no records in Manchester indicating that Mr Patrick Powell was ever granted a firearm license there or for the firearm in question,” the JCF said. “In fact, it has always been the case that his firearm was a Glock 9mm pistol.”

“Inspector Patricia Powell is an outstanding member of the JCF whose conduct has never been questioned. She is not related to Mr Patrick Powell or with the case in which he was recently acquitted. It is also to be noted that her Walther 9mm pistol is not connected in any way with the case or with Mr Powell,” the JCF said.


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