West Kingston: Dudus’ Son Shot, JLP Councillor Injured During Gun Attack


One of Christopher “Dudus” Coke’s son and his siter were  shot and injured on a plaza in the West Kingston community earlier today.  Witnesses say the man was standing on a plaza with his sister (not Dudus’ daughter) when gun men drove by and shot the two.

The incident put a damper on nomination day proceedings in the area. Jamaica Labour Party Councillor candidate for the Tivoli division, Donovan Samuels was reportedly marching through the area when the shooting took place and he got injured when the crowd scattered.

As police cordoned off the area, one woman could be heard shouting,  “Dem diss Live Up!”

“Live Up” is the name used to refer to Dudus’ brother, Leighton “Livity” Coke, who residents claimed has tried to foster peace in the area.

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