Jamaica set to host FIFA Executive Summit


IFA has launched a second round of summits.Each summit will bring together presidents and secretary generals of around 20 member associations. The series started on 21 November in Baku, Azerbaijan and will run until March 2018 with the last gathering in Lima, Peru.

The Executive Football Summits were introduced in 2016 as one of the key initiatives of the FIFA reforms.

The FIFA Executive Football Summit (FIFA EFS) is a project chaired by the FIFA President and brings all Member Association Presidents together in 12 different summits. The launch of the FIFA EFS has been brought to life based on the FIFA President’s vision of ‘bringing FIFA back to football and football back to FIFA’. The project is aimed at enhancing the relationship between FIFA and its member Associations at a top executive level and to provide a democratic platform for information exchange.

In extending the invitation to the JFF to support FIFA in hosting the Summit, the Chief Member Association Officer from FIFA said” the planning and organisation of the FIFA event provides an excellent practice and experience sharing possibility between the FIFA Administration and the operational team members at the JFF.

The agenda of this year’s summits will include a debate on the future of FIFA’s youth and women’s competitions. Delegates will also have the opportunity to discuss the FIFA Forward development programme and how it can be further be improved in the years to come.

The FIFA Executive Summit will be held in Montego Bay,

Other locations are Nigeria, Oman etc.

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