Ishawna and Bounty Killer clash over equal rights at Portland BFF [Full Performances]


Who won the first round?

Last week Bounty Killer expressed  his disgust for Ishawna’s song “Equal Rights.” The poor people fed up singer took to Instagram and posted the flyer of an event they were both scheduled to perform at with this statement  ” B.F.F Bikini Flossing and Food BIKINI BEACH PORTLAND MAY 23d LABOUR DAY @grunggaadzilla@dingdongravers
@mslegendary cyaah sing tha song deh at this show else mi ago rush har Nuh kitten or Catfish can nuh bloodclaath bother come bcuz that cyaah sing else she cannot be on no more shows with mi either bcuz mi nuh sing fi bowcat or bowfish🤐

Fans in support of Ishawna’s equal rights lashed out at Bounty Killer, while killer fans came to his defense. Later that day Ishawna posted a screen shot Bounty Killer’s post with the following caption.

Fans waited patiently to see if Ishawna would perform the song, and if she did what Bounty Killer’s response would be. Well, Ishawna performed the song and Bounty Killer responded. See both performances below.

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