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Elephant Man Wanted For Questioning Following Viral Gun Video

Christopher Townsend, the attorney for entertainer Elephant Man has asserted that his client is willing to go the police for questioning in connection with a viral gun video.

The police this afternoon listed as persons of interest, Elephant Man and a woman seen in the video handing what appeared to be a gun to him.

The video is being circulated on social media.

According to the Corporate Communications Unit, investigators have made checks at different locations with which the entertainer is associated, however, he was not found.

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But Townsend said he was not aware that the police wanted to find his client.

“Quiet frankly, I haven’t heard of any request. I am his attorney, if it is that they require him, please feel free to contact me if they so desire,” Townsend told The Gleaner late Tuesday evening.

The attorney was curious about claims in relation to the video in which his client was seen.

“First and foremost, a thing that appears in social media does not necessarily mean that it is as it appears,” Townsend said, referring to a comment by the Firearm Licensing Authority that Elephant Man is not a registered firearm holder.

“I am concerned they are calling it a firearm. Certain qualifications bar a firearm to be a firearm. A photograph of a firearm, doesn’t qualify a firearm, a firearm”, Townsend said.

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